18g coffee
288g water
total contact time: 3 minutes

1. Weigh out 18g coffee and grind finer than a standard drip setting.

2. Place filter with the 3 folds facing the spout of the 3 Cup Chemex and rinse with water just off a boil.

3. Pour out the rinsing water making sure to keep the suction on the filter.

4. Pour grounds into filter, place on scale, tare to zero.

5. Start timer, add 35-40g of water, from outside into bloom the coffee.

6. Wait 45 seconds, add 40g water, breaking the bloom and let bed resettle until 1:15.

7. Pour a stream in a circle no bigger than a nickel.

8. Slurry will rise just above the halfway point of the cone.

9. Maintain this level until you reach 288g of water.

10. After the coffee liquid drains, (at 3 minutes) remove filter, swirl and pour.