35g coffee
560g water
total contact time: 4 minutes

1. Weigh out 35g coffee and grind coarser than a standard drip setting.

2. Place filter with the 3 folds facing the spout and rinse with water just off a boil.

3. Pour grounds into filter, place on the scale, tare to zero.

4. Start timer, add 70-80g water, from the outside in, to bloom the coffee.

5. Wait 1 minute, add 100g water, breaking the bloom and let resettle until 1:30.

6. Pour a stream in a circle no bigger than a half dollar.

7. Slurry will rise just above the halfway point of the cone.

8. Maintain this level until you reach 560 grams of water.

9. After the coffee liquid drains, remove filter, swirl and pour.