16g coffee
255g water
total contact time: 3 minutes 40 seconds

1. Weigh out 16g of coffee and grind slightly coarser than a standard drip setting.

2. Place filter in cap and rinse.

3. Tighten cap on Aeropress, place on brew vessel that is on top of a scale.

4. Add grounds, tare scale to zero.

5. Start timer, add 40-50g of water to grounds, bloom for 30 seconds.

6. Pour remaining water in by using a circular motion to 255g.

7. Stir just enough to fully saturate all the grounds in the slurry.

8. Set plunger on top, sit until 3 minutes.

9. Remove plunger, stir once and replace.

10. Slowly push down the plunger, about 30 seconds.

11. Leave about 1/4in space between grounds and plunger.

12. Swirl beverage and pour.