Our Ambient coffees are our comfort coffees known for their medium to dark roast profiles and their full robust flavored without the subtle nuances.  Our ambient genre offers A coffee for every season and for every reason. They are always pleasing and never leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

Passion House believes that coffee blends that are rewarding to drink result from using high quality green beans, and then blending to achieve flavor balance and complexity.  Blends often have the reputation of being a dumping ground for old coffees, or way to mask the use of inferior ingredients.  We take blending serious.  Our blends are coffees that our customers have come to rely on throughout the years. We see it as an opportunity to create something unique and amazing.  We design our blends to have complex flavors that are layered in nuances intriguing to the most discerning palate.

Texture: creamy

Acidity: delicate

Overall: calm                

Art: Mark Rothko                                            

Music: Brian Eno                                        

Film: Man with a Movie Camera