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2021 W Fulton St. Unit K105B
Chicago, IL 60612


Papau New Guinea-Peaberry Gold

Joshua Millman

NEW COFFEE from the Papau New Guinea Sigri Estate! 


Another exciting coffee available! 

THE LOCATION: All coffee bearing the Sigri name is grown at over 5000 feet elevation. Sigri considers soil and water conservation as a priority, and, the plantation is bird and eco-friendly. The plantation employs a medium density shade strategy, using two types of shade trees. This promotes even ripening of coffee cherries and provides habitat for at least 90 species of birds!

THE PROCESS: Sigri is a washed Arabica coffee and undergoes a rigorous wet factory process. Quality Control begins in the field; Cherry coffee is hand-picked and carefully checked for uniformity; it must be red and fully ripe which allows for the correct balance of sugar and acid within the cherry. This selected cherry is then pulped on the day of picking.


A fermentation process follows, a period of three days broken every 24 hours by washing – but unlike most other coffees, the Sigri process follows this by total immersion in water for a further day, which creates a superior coffee. Careful conditioning of 21 days is followed by hulling, grading, color sorting and finally hand sorting. This combined with rigorous quality control before packing produces the finest green bean for which Sigri is renowned.

THE TASTE PROFILE: Papua New Guinea Peaberry Gold-has a unique profile, it’s earthy undertone is blanketed with berry like sweetness, a syrupy body and vibrant acidity. Notes of dried pineapple, mulling spices, cacao nibs make for a fully balanced cup of coffee.

AVAILABLE NOW on the website or come by the cafe and we can brew you a cup!

LIMITED EDITION: Ecuador Varietal Series

Joshua Millman

New amazing coffees and a little background below...

We are showcasing a country that is really making some noise in the specialty coffee industry: Ecuador. Ecuador has prime growing conditions for speciality quality coffee. It has rich volcanic soils; temperatures that stay consistently between 20 and 30°C; an average 1,600 millimeters of rainfall during the rainy season; and altitudes ranging from sea level up to 6,000 m.a.s.l.  This means that Ecuador has the ability to produce crops of a high quality, providing they are farmed and processed well and not damaged by pests, diseases, or bad weather.  Although Ecuador has the ideal growing conditions, it still faces many challenges with supply and demand, the ever fluctuating economy and, the rising cost of labor.  Please subscribe to our newsletter [on the bottom of the home page] to get even more information on Ecuador.

The beautiful farms in Las Tolas and Guayllabamba owned by Arnaud Causse, peaked our interest. Las Tolas: where something amazing is around every corner - from experimental organic fertilizers and shade trees, to essential oil distillation for herbal insecticides, to beehives full of coffee blossom honey... Las Tolas sparked our curiosity and ignited our limited edition varietals series. The varietals we are featuring are Java, Caturra, and Pacamara.

PACAMARA Honeyed with sweet hints of dried apricot in the aromatics the Pacamara is supple with a mouth feel reminiscent of liquid honey.  The acidity is malic with subtle but refreshing apple.  The finish is so sweet and creamy almost like hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream - 88 points. [Very limited supply. We roast it 1 day a week.]

CATURRA Fine cacao, black walnut and a toasted, bruleed sugar like sweetness penetrate through the aromatics.  The cup has an apple crisp like character with its malic acidity and butter pastry like finish - 87 points. [Available any day of the week]

JAVA Dense sugar browning notes of toffee along with toasted pecan in the fragrance become ripe fruit notes of raspberry and mandarin in the cup.  Tootsie roll through the finish - 88.5 points. [Very Very limited supply. We roast it 1 day a week]


Joshua Millman

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee: it is in the forests of the Kaffa region that Coffea Arabica grew wild. We consider Ethiopian coffees to be some of the best in the world, and feel it appropriate for it to be always represented in our line-up.  Our newest coffee from Ethiopia comes from the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere.

Kochere is in the Yirgacheffe region, a small but fertile area producing some of the world’s most well-known beans. This coffee is hand-picked by smallholder farmers, then pulped, washed, and laid out to dry in the sun on raised beds. After drying, the washed beans are sorted to remove defects, allowing the natural flavors of the coffee to carry through into the cup.  The coffee is vigorously agitated in the fermentation tank with wooden paddles to work the mucilage off, then bathed to a soaking tank for a clean water overnight bath. They use a traditional disc pulper to remove the coffee cherry fruit skins, then use a very long 72 hour under-water, traditional fermentation to break down the mucilage layer of the fruit.  Finally it is taken to the raised beds for drying. It's the classic coffee processing method in Sidama and Yirga Cheffe zones, and one that develops very sweet and clean coffees.

We are lucky that we get to share and celebrate this coffee with everyoneWe are super stoked to be roasting and serving this coffee and hope you enjoy it too.

Flavor notes; floral, gentle, citrus, layerd spices, white grape and fluidity creamy sweetness.

Varietal: Heirloom                                            Elevation: 1800-2000 M
Process: Washed                                              Harvest year 2016/2017

Huehuetenango Guatemala Ocelot

Joshua Millman

We are super excited to finally be releasing our newest coffee, Ocelot, out into the wild. The highly anticipated Ocelot is a pleasant addition to our family. This coffee completely surprised us at the cupping table and exceed our expectations for a coffee from this region. This is why we had to purchase it. It hails from a family-owned estate located within the municipality of Santa Cruz Barillias, in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala.

The farm, which sits at about 1500masl,  produces a unique mix of varieties from the rust resistant Sarchimor hybrid, and dwarf Caturra (a bourbon mutation which comprises 80% of the harvest) which are two distinctly Guatemalan cultivars. The original Pache variety was a naturally occurring Typica variation first observed in Guatemala, and has since spontaneously crossed with Caturra for a hybrid with nicer flavor and larger cherries.  Then there’s Anacafe 14, a naturally occurring hybrid of Pacamara and Catimor with high rust resistance, short stature, and large fruits.  All the coffee is fully washed after depulping and fermenting then dried in the sun. 

Named after the playful nocturnal feline the Ocelot which is unique in it’s own right, this coffee coffee’s complexity transcends through all brew methods.  Among its hallmarks are a great sweetness that persists throughout, a rush of fresh fruit flavors like kiwi, peach, and orange with an array of florals somewhere between rose and rosemary.  This coffee will continue to progress and impress and we look forward to follow it in its journey.

ocelot box.png

Bump and Grind Series

Joshua Millman

At Passion House we know it takes a collective effort to craft quality coffee. Building strong relationships with our community enables us to learn, grow and prosper. Whether it's the farmers we source our beans from, an importer that helps us bring in coffee, cafe owners that serve our coffee, or an individual at home, we know that partnerships are integral to our success. We started the Customer Spotlight Series to highlight some of our key partners in the pursuit of the perfect cup and talk about how their relationship with Passion House is important.

Series One: Portage Grounds Coffee and Tea

5501 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60641) Portage Grounds goes above and beyond to serve quality coffee, and provide impeccable customer service with a rock star staff. They also provide a great environment for the community to gather. Not only does he own Portage Grounds, but Robert is also a Chicago Police Officer and we'd like to thank him for his service.

On to our bump and Grind. Here is our Q and A with Robert

PHCR: What inspired you to open your cafe?

RQ: The lack of amenities or a cool place to hang out in the community.  After a walk in the park across the street from where Portage Grounds now exist, Kerrin and I would have to jump in our car and drive to Logan Square for a good cup of coffee.  

PHCR:  When no one is looking, what’s your favorite coffee drink?

RQ: Cappuccino.

PHCR: What’s your favorite band?

RQ: Don’t go there, I'm a big R&B guy.  I don't have a favorite band that I can claim.  But if I really had to it would be Green Day.

In this first installment we are putting the spotlight on Portage Grounds Coffee and Tea in Irving Park. Portage Grounds is definitely a must stop if you are looking for quality coffee with an amazing atmosphere.

Opened in 2012 by Robert Quezada (located at across from Portage Park at

Robert Quezada, owner of Portage Grounds

Robert Quezada, owner of Portage Grounds

PHCR: What's your Unique approach to coffee at your cafe?

RQ: So Portage Park is a transitioning neighborhood with a diverse demographic. One one side there isn't a community-gathering place or a place the community can call their own. On the other side there isn't a cool place to craft coffee. Portage Grounds brings a place like something you would find in the "cool" neighborhoods. Short answer would be to bring a community space the neighborhood can enjoy.

PHCR: What's your favorite part working with Passion House?

RQ: I love how approachable doing business with PH is. I don't have to go through the red tape system other businesses have. Josh is one text away from saving me from catastrophe and it's like doing business with your best friend.


Portage Grounds Coffee and Tea

5501 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60641

Open: M-F 6am-7pm|Sat-Sun 7am-7pm