Bump and Grind Series

At Passion House we know it takes a collective effort to craft quality coffee. Building strong relationships with our community enables us to learn, grow and prosper. Whether it's the farmers we source our beans from, an importer that helps us bring in coffee, cafe owners that serve our coffee, or an individual at home, we know that partnerships are integral to our success. We started the Customer Spotlight Series to highlight some of our key partners in the pursuit of the perfect cup and talk about how their relationship with Passion House is important.

Series One: Portage Grounds Coffee and Tea

5501 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60641) Portage Grounds goes above and beyond to serve quality coffee, and provide impeccable customer service with a rock star staff. They also provide a great environment for the community to gather. Not only does he own Portage Grounds, but Robert is also a Chicago Police Officer and we'd like to thank him for his service.

On to our bump and Grind. Here is our Q and A with Robert

PHCR: What inspired you to open your cafe?

RQ: The lack of amenities or a cool place to hang out in the community.  After a walk in the park across the street from where Portage Grounds now exist, Kerrin and I would have to jump in our car and drive to Logan Square for a good cup of coffee.  

PHCR:  When no one is looking, what’s your favorite coffee drink?

RQ: Cappuccino.

PHCR: What’s your favorite band?

RQ: Don’t go there, I'm a big R&B guy.  I don't have a favorite band that I can claim.  But if I really had to it would be Green Day.

In this first installment we are putting the spotlight on Portage Grounds Coffee and Tea in Irving Park. Portage Grounds is definitely a must stop if you are looking for quality coffee with an amazing atmosphere.

Opened in 2012 by Robert Quezada (located at across from Portage Park at

 Robert Quezada, owner of Portage Grounds

Robert Quezada, owner of Portage Grounds

PHCR: What's your Unique approach to coffee at your cafe?

RQ: So Portage Park is a transitioning neighborhood with a diverse demographic. One one side there isn't a community-gathering place or a place the community can call their own. On the other side there isn't a cool place to craft coffee. Portage Grounds brings a place like something you would find in the "cool" neighborhoods. Short answer would be to bring a community space the neighborhood can enjoy.

PHCR: What's your favorite part working with Passion House?

RQ: I love how approachable doing business with PH is. I don't have to go through the red tape system other businesses have. Josh is one text away from saving me from catastrophe and it's like doing business with your best friend.


Portage Grounds Coffee and Tea

5501 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60641

Open: M-F 6am-7pm|Sat-Sun 7am-7pm