Huehuetenango Guatemala Ocelot

We are super excited to finally be releasing our newest coffee, Ocelot, out into the wild. The highly anticipated Ocelot is a pleasant addition to our family. This coffee completely surprised us at the cupping table and exceed our expectations for a coffee from this region. This is why we had to purchase it. It hails from a family-owned estate located within the municipality of Santa Cruz Barillias, in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala.

The farm, which sits at about 1500masl,  produces a unique mix of varieties from the rust resistant Sarchimor hybrid, and dwarf Caturra (a bourbon mutation which comprises 80% of the harvest) which are two distinctly Guatemalan cultivars. The original Pache variety was a naturally occurring Typica variation first observed in Guatemala, and has since spontaneously crossed with Caturra for a hybrid with nicer flavor and larger cherries.  Then there’s Anacafe 14, a naturally occurring hybrid of Pacamara and Catimor with high rust resistance, short stature, and large fruits.  All the coffee is fully washed after depulping and fermenting then dried in the sun. 

Named after the playful nocturnal feline the Ocelot which is unique in it’s own right, this coffee coffee’s complexity transcends through all brew methods.  Among its hallmarks are a great sweetness that persists throughout, a rush of fresh fruit flavors like kiwi, peach, and orange with an array of florals somewhere between rose and rosemary.  This coffee will continue to progress and impress and we look forward to follow it in its journey.

ocelot box.png
Joshua MillmanComment