LIMITED EDITION: Ecuador Varietal Series

New amazing coffees and a little background below...

We are showcasing a country that is really making some noise in the specialty coffee industry: Ecuador. Ecuador has prime growing conditions for speciality quality coffee. It has rich volcanic soils; temperatures that stay consistently between 20 and 30°C; an average 1,600 millimeters of rainfall during the rainy season; and altitudes ranging from sea level up to 6,000 m.a.s.l.  This means that Ecuador has the ability to produce crops of a high quality, providing they are farmed and processed well and not damaged by pests, diseases, or bad weather.  Although Ecuador has the ideal growing conditions, it still faces many challenges with supply and demand, the ever fluctuating economy and, the rising cost of labor.  Please subscribe to our newsletter [on the bottom of the home page] to get even more information on Ecuador.

The beautiful farms in Las Tolas and Guayllabamba owned by Arnaud Causse, peaked our interest. Las Tolas: where something amazing is around every corner - from experimental organic fertilizers and shade trees, to essential oil distillation for herbal insecticides, to beehives full of coffee blossom honey... Las Tolas sparked our curiosity and ignited our limited edition varietals series. The varietals we are featuring are Java, Caturra, and Pacamara.

PACAMARA Honeyed with sweet hints of dried apricot in the aromatics the Pacamara is supple with a mouth feel reminiscent of liquid honey.  The acidity is malic with subtle but refreshing apple.  The finish is so sweet and creamy almost like hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream - 88 points. [Very limited supply. We roast it 1 day a week.]

CATURRA Fine cacao, black walnut and a toasted, bruleed sugar like sweetness penetrate through the aromatics.  The cup has an apple crisp like character with its malic acidity and butter pastry like finish - 87 points. [Available any day of the week]

JAVA Dense sugar browning notes of toffee along with toasted pecan in the fragrance become ripe fruit notes of raspberry and mandarin in the cup.  Tootsie roll through the finish - 88.5 points. [Very Very limited supply. We roast it 1 day a week]