100g coffee
770g water
total contact time: 8 hours

1. Weigh out 100g coffee and grind slightly coarser than standard drip setting.

2. Place grounds in a one quart mason jar, place on scale, tare to zero.

3. Start timer and add 200g water, just off a boil to bloom the coffee.

4. Stir grounds to fully saturate and wait until 1:30, then stir.

5. At 2 minutes add 570g cold water slowly.

6. Lid and leave on counter for 8 hours.

7. Remove mason jar lid, skim off floating grounds.

8. Slowly pour into another jar at a slight angle.

9. Gently pour off liquid making sure not to agitate the grounds until you can no longer pour off liquid without grounds. (you can run this mixture through a filter for a cleaner end result)

10. Stir concentrate.

11. In a glass add 1 part coffee to 1 part water, over desired amount of ice.