Mainstream Coffees are known for their clean, bright, fruity, and floral flavors; offering bright fruit tamed by base notes and a medium body. Each coffee is roasted to the degree that highlights and compliments both cultivar and terroir. 

We source coffee from all over the world. Specialty coffee is a product of each unique growing environment. A coffee’s origin plays a vital role to the essential quality found in a coffee. Similar to grapes for wine or hops for a craft beer, beans for specialty coffee are a product of their terroir. The TERROIR which includes altitude, soil conditions, shade, sun exposure and rainfall of where a particular coffee is grown, combined with the coffee cultivar,  produces flavor profiles unique to the region which the coffees are cultivated. We roast our coffees to express both terroir and cultivar and to transcend  through any brew method.

Texture: buttery

Acidity: playful

Overall: balanced

 Art: Vincent Van Gogh                                

Music: The Beatles                                     

Film: The Royal Tenenbaums