Peru Templo de La Luna

Peru Templo de La Luna


From the Cusco department in the district of Santa Teresa just 30 minutes from Quillabamba, in the heart of the La Convencion Valley, Santa Teresa sits at the base of the Templo de La Luna on the Urubamba river, an exquisite coffee is grown. Slow ripening through October develops saturated sweetness and ripe fruit character. Francisco Quinores Rojas produces really amazing coffee, that when we roast to a light medium produces flavors of persimmon and mission figs, with star anise in the refreshing finish. The honeyed like sweetness paired with a luscious body that is balanced by a perfect amount of acidity creates a near perfect cup overall.



This will be our first season working with the group in Santa Teresa, and we expect to see great quality in terms of processing and production in years to come.


Region: Santa Teresa

Farm: Huadquina Co-op

Varietal: Typica, Bourbon

Elevation: 1850m

Process: Washed, manual depulp

Tasting Notes

High: persimmon

Mid: mission figs

Low: star anise

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