Ethiopia Sidamo Aroresa

Ethiopia Sidamo Aroresa


A washed coffee produced by family owned farms in Arbe Gona and processed at the Aroresa washing station, this coffee is harvested from the beginning of October through the beginning of January. It is hand-picked by smallholder farmers, who then deliver ripe cherries to the Aroresa mill where the cherries are sorted and pulped. They use a traditional disc pulper to remove the coffee cherry fruit skins, then use a very long 72 hour under-water, traditional fermentation to break down the mucilage. The coffee is vigorously agitated in the fermentation tank with wooden paddles to work the mucilage off, then bathed to a soaking tank for a clean water overnight bath.

Finally it is taken to the raised beds for drying. The wet beans in parchment are placed on raised drying beds in thin layers and turned every 2 to 3 hours during the first few days of the drying process.

After drying, the washed beans are sorted to remove defects, allowing the natural flavors of the coffee to carry through into the cup. It's the classic coffee processing method in Sidama zones, the one that develops very sweet and clean coffees.

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