Finca Lugmapata Winner of the 2018 Taza Dorada (8oz)

Finca Lugmapata Winner of the 2018 Taza Dorada (8oz)


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Country: Ecuador

Region: Chimborazo

Producer: Enrique Merino

Farm: Finca Lugmapata

Altitude: 5,500 feet

Variety: Bourbon    Process: Washed

Flavors Notes. Cotton Candy,Sparkling Citrus,Bergamot


We came up from the valley, overlooking the turquoise Mountains and, the summit of Chimborazo, the point on the Earth’s surface that is farthest from the Earth’s center and the closet point to the sun. Zipping through the forest, we brushed past a garden of tiny seedlings across from an old farmhouse. In the forest, there were birds and lakes and rocks and trees and rivers. The forest was also inhabited by the Merino family and their Finca Lugmapata.

In late 2017, Kurtis, Passion House Director of Coffee was in Guayaquil Ecuador to judge the finals of the Taza Dorada competition. After the national jury comprised of local coffee experts tasted hundreds of submissions and selected the semifinalists, Kurtis and the international pool of judges arrived to evaluate the best lots and select the winners. This coffee represents the best coffee produced in Ecuador this season! After the competition concluded, the top five winning coffees were sold in an intense live auction. The international judges were giving the opportunity to bid on the winning lots and Kurtis did not disappoint. Passion House along with another friend of ours from California split the won the Auction taking home The number one lot from Finca Lugmapta

Finca Lugmapta is a family owned and operated by Enrique Merino with three generations working and, helping on the farm producing best coffee in all the world.  The farm has been in the family for more than 100 years, in fact, it was Enrique’s great-grandfather who first planted coffee on the farm. Their hard work is proven every step of the way.

Award winning coffee just doesn't happen overnight.  It takes a serious amount of time, passion, dedication, great husbandry and processing methods.  Combine that with the Merino's family strict picking procedures, meticulous processing, and precise drying methods and, you have a recipe for award winning coffee.  During the anticipated days of harvest as the cherries develop their Vibrant red tone, the brix levels of the cherries are measured assuring that the coffees are picked at their optimal time.  The cherries are then carefully fermented under controlled conditions for about 24-hours and washed. After the coffee is washed, it is laid out to dry on raised skin beds in a sterile greenhouse  where the coffee is constantly monitored under strict surveillance.

All their hard work  came to fruition and Finca Lugmapta  produced The 2018 Taza Dorada cup winner.  The country of Ecuador produced over 300,000 bags of coffee (robusta and arabica) with only about 50,000  being specialty. Of that number, there were 10 bags that stood out among the rest. The 2017 Taza Dorada winner from Finca Lugmapata.

 We are honored to have this coffee as our first offering from our PHD program and are even more excited to be sharing it with you!

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