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Specialty coffee can be confusing. We developed a unique genre system to help you discover what you love most about your coffee.   
Ambient: dark, nutty and full-bodied
Mainstream: balanced and juicy
Experimental: bright and unique

Ecuador Estate Las Tolas Caturra by Arnaud Causse


Ecuador Estate Las Tolas Caturra by Arnaud Causse

14.00 20.00


Fine cacao, black walnut and a toasted, bruleed sugar like sweetness penetrate through the aromatics.  The cup has an apple crisp like character with its malic acidity and butter pastry like finish.

87 points

Available any day of the week


Las Tolas has outstanding altitude (1800-2100 masl), fertile soils, and receives an annual average of 1700mm of rainfall. Arnaud Causse, the producer, planted a couple dozen hectares over 10 years ago with some very exciting varietals that he brought from El Salvador: Tekisik Bourbon, Caturra, and Pacamara. The coffee in Las Tolas is grown on deep soil, enriched over generations of volcanic activity, giving the numerous varieties grown here their intensity in flavour and aroma after the roasting process.  Located north of Quito in the department of Pichincha, a heavily forested area with epic Andean views. Las Tolas is located in a small valley just off of Highway 1. For the indigenous Yumbos, who based their year on a lunar calendar, Las Tolas proved to be the only valley with enough of a break in the clouds to provide a clear view of the moon. It is a sacred area with ruins still scattered across its forests.

The Varietals: Caturra, Pacamara, and Java amongst others grown on the slopes of the Andes sitting between 1,800m 2,100maltitude, in one of the planet’s seven biodiversity hotspots, the Las Tolas Estate is run by Arnaud Causse who has managed it since 2004. 

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