Peru Mesa Pata

Peru Mesa Pata


Deep down in the Yanatile and Lares river valleys of Cusco, is a loyal group of twenty farmers in a remote corner of Cusco that have come together as one unified association. Production from each producer rarely reaches 10 bags annual, making this area prime for rare and unique micro-lots. These valleys are arid and desert-like, creating an ideal environment for drying and storing parchment coffee. Altitude in the area can reach 2,200 masl, and quality is utterly exceptional from the group, often exceeding 87/89 points.

The Micro-Lot we have brought in is from a small farm of only 2 Hectares named Mesa Pata. Mesa Pata is owned and operated by Banigno Rayme Grande. He produces Bourbon, Caturra, and Mundo Novo. The coffee is organically growing at altitudes of 1800-2200 masl in nutrient rich volcanic soil. The coffee is manually depulped and washed. It is wet fermented for twelve hours and dry fermented for another twelve hours. The coffee is placed out on patios and then moved onto raised beds to finish dry. When the coffee is ready to be milled it is transported to the mill in Juliaca Puno which resides at 12,500. Once milled the coffee is shipped to port and sent off to it’s final destination. This process combined with the passionate roasting provided by Passion House creates flavors remindings us of Satsuma, yellow honey, cacao nibs.  

Region:  Cusco

Producer: Banigno Rayme Grande

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Mundo Novo

Elevation: 1800-2200m

Process: Washed, manual depulp

Tasting Notes

High: satsuma

Mid: yellow honey

Low: cocoa nibs

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