24g coffee
384g water
Total brew time 3 minutes 30 seconds

1. Weigh 24g coffee, grind a bit coarser than standard drip setting.

2. Rinse paper filter and screw metal disc together.

3. Place filter in top chamber, pull down on chain hooking it into the flute, ensure the filter is centered.

4. Place top chamber into the holder (the lid upside down.)

5. Set the globe connected to the stand on scale, tare to zero.

6. Add 384g hot water to the globe. Removed from scale.

7. Place flute on top of the globe at an angle. Place heat source under globe.

8. Turn on heat source under bottom globe, secure top chamber just before water starts to boil.

9. After water fills the top chamber, stir water to cool to 205 degrees and press down on filter.

10. Lower heat source to medium, start your timer, add coffee.

11. Stir gently to saturate grounds.

12. Wait until 2:40, stir grounds and remove the heat source.

13. The liquid will slowly drop. Blowing on the bottom glass globe encourages this.

14. Draw down should take 40-45 seconds.

15. Remove the top chamber and replace into lid.

16. Swirl beverage and pour.