28g coffee
448g water
total contact time: 3 minutes 20 seconds

1. Weigh out 28g coffee and grind slightly finer than a standard drip setting.

2. Place filter in v60 and rinse.

3. Stack v60 on top of a of a vessel to retain the coffee liquid.

4. Place on a scale, add coffee, and tare to zero.

5. Start your timer and pour 60-70g of water, just off a boil, to bloom the coffee.

6. Wait 45 sec and add 70g water of water to break up bloom and let settle until 1:15.

7. Start pouring in a straight, unbroken stream in a circle the size of a quarter.

8. Slurry (coffee and water mixture) should rise just about halfway up the cone.

9. Brew until 448g and allow the water to pass completely.

10. Swirl your vessel and pour.