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We are proud to introduce Passion Cat Cold Brew - a rich, full-flavored cold brew coffee with a smooth finish.  Available in cans and kegs, this delicious cold brew can be enjoyed year-round.  One sip of Passion Cat and you'll be feline groovy!


Cold Brew 101

Cold brew refers to coffee brewed without the use of hot water - creating a shelf-stable product with its own unique character. We spent 3 years developing our proprietary cold brew system in collaboration with a mechanical engineer, tasting and tweaking endlessly until we perfected the best brew recipe. The results of our hard work show in the cup - bringing you a stunningly clean, balanced, and delicious cold brew coffee! Canned Cold Brew The perfect choice for grab-and-go service, canned cold brew gives drinkers the opportunity to stash a cold one in their bag when they’re on the run, or grab a few extras to keep in your fridge at home.

Shelf life one month kept refrigerated

Sold in cases of 12-12oz cans.


Kegged Cold Brew

The best fit for on-site service, kegged cold brew gives you a painless solution to serving cold brew day in and day out. Available in both still and nitro, our kegged cold brew comes in 5 gallon kegs served via kegerator or draft system. Still Cold Brew- PH amazing proprietary cold brew served over ice. Nitro Cold Brew - Pre-treated with nitrogen and served out of a special nitro spout for a creamier, heavier bodied cold brew.

Shelf life one month kept refrigerated

Sold in 5 gallon kegs - @ 55 12oz servings