Coffee is complicated - each coffee bean contains over 800 unique chemical compounds that contribute to flavor (twice as many as red wine!). We have always sought to make coffee more approachable and easier to navigate. With this in mind, we created a system of three genres to organize our coffee offerings and help customers better understand how to find the coffees that they are looking for. Relying on our genre system makes it easy for you to find the perfect coffee.



Available year-round, our Ambient coffees take you on a journey through multiple countries in a single cup. We meticulously design these offerings to fit a well-defined flavor profile. We take our blending seriously, seeing it as an opportunity to create something unique and amazing. Ambient coffee blends are from various origins and regions selected for their unique character not found in single origin coffees.

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Mainstream Coffees are our Seasonal Single-Origin coffees known for their clean, bright, and floral flavors. Each coffee is roasted to the degree that highlights and compliments both cultivar and terroir. The terroir (altitude, soil conditions, shade, sun exposure and rainfall) combined with the coffee cultivar (genetic variety of coffee) produces flavor profiles unique to the region which the coffees are cultivated.



The coffees that make up our Experimental Genre are some of the most unique coffees anywhere in the world. These coffees are grown in small lots that have been developed, processed, or grown in a unique way that is unusual in the world of coffee. We have only limited volumes of these super special coffees.