Peru Milly Grace

Peru Milly Grace

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At Passion House we are constantly on the hunt for beautiful coffees, stopping at nothing to get our hands on the best beans we can find.  We decided to name this Peruvian coffee Millie Grace after a character in one of our favorite Phish songs, “Fee”.  Millie is an adventurous soul, traversing the world to find a serendipitous balance between exciting and comforting. 

Clean and balanced, we love this coffee for its ability to make you want another cup (and maybe another after that - we don’t judge). Sweet notes of caramel and chocolate are balanced out with pops of lemon zest for a clean, crisp finish. 

Millie comes to us from the mountains of central Peru in the Leoncio Prado Province. Sourced by our friends at Keffa Coffee Importers, this selection is composed entirely of a Yellow Caturra variety, grown at 1,583 meters above sea level.  Millie is ready to take your taste buds on an exciting journey!

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