Our Goal

The singular goal for Passion House is to source the best coffee from growers who are consciously growing, harvesting, and processing coffees with the earth and people in mind.


From Where Do We Source?

Folks ask us all the time where we source coffee from? The answer is easy, we source coffee from all over the world from your favorite regions like Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, and Guatemala but we also source incredible coffees from other growing regions that are less popular like Papua New Guinea, Peru, and Ecuador. We are continuously and  painstakingly tasting coffees from all over the world to source the most conscious coffee just for you. We do this so that you can enjoy your coffee knowing that we care about the earth and the people in it.


PHD Coffees


The coffee industry is a young one, and there is constant innovation and progress  happening, especially at origin. At Passion House we value innovation so we have chosen to source special experimental coffees that are sourced from farmers that are using experimental processing and growing methods. These experimental coffees translate to new and exciting coffee drinking experiences for you.