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Since 2011, Passion House Coffee Roasters has been pursuing the art of great coffee in Chicago, IL. Driven by our passion and guided by a lifetime of experience, we seek to elevate our customer's coffee experience by sourcing quality, sustainable beans and roasting them to their fullest potential.

Our philosophy is simple; find coffee farmers, coffee importers and coffee enthusiasts that share the same passion for the art of coffee, and collectively create quality coffees. 

Coffee Is
A Journey

From crop to cup, the coffee process is full of potential pitfalls. That's why we take the time to build relationships with farmers and importers who we trust to execute our vision. We roast in small batches, using our senses and intuition to control the nuances of the roasting process. Then we brew and serve it to you, as a tribute to the people who made it all possible. It's the little things that make the difference between a good cup and a mind-blowing one.


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Our goal is to produce nuanced, complex, and clean coffee while cultivating relationships with the farms. These relationships are rooted in understanding, knowledge, skill, service and mutual respect. We shoot for the stars when curating our menu, searching all of the world for the best coffees available at any given time, setting the expectations high.  We specialize in strong relationships with the farms, traveling around the world to find the right beans from the right farms to get the right coffee.

The amount of care, attention, and hard work that goes into producing quality coffee and getting it from the ground to the cup is something we are very passionate about and take seriously.


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Stop by the Logan Square Cafe for a hot or cold drink and a pastry. Sit inside or at the outdoor patio. Work, listen to some good music, socialize, people watch. Buy a drink and stay a while or buy a few bags of beans so you can enjoy at home. 

Ask our baristas about the different brewing methods or just watch them at work. 

Cafe: 2631 N Kedzie Ave, Logan Square