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2021 W Fulton St. Unit K105B
Chicago, IL 60612



Since 2011, Passion House Coffee Roasters has been pursuing the art of great coffee in Chicago, IL. Driven by our passion and guided by a lifetime of experience, we seek to elevate our customer's coffee experience by sourcing quality, sustainable beans and roasting them to their fullest potential.

Founded by Joshua Millman, Passion House is an artisan coffee roaster specializing in roasting the world’s finest coffees. Our philosophy is simple: be good to others and great coffee will follow. We work closely with coffee farmers, importers and cafe owners in search of coffees that are sustainable, ethically grown and have unique characteristics, offering a fresh perspective to a morning ritual or a late night work session. We are always experimenting and exploring new ways of preparing the beans to make sure the coffee is expressed in the best way possible. This allows us to make sure that quality is always at the forefront, and never an afterthought.

With nearly twenty years of experience working with specialty coffee we have developed a deep passion and enormous amount of respect for the amount of strenuous work needed to get quality coffee from the ground to our cups.